Maintenance Cleaning


Strong adhesive remover for ultrasonic applications

ZESTRON® ES 200 is a modified alcohol cleaning agent designed to remove epoxies (SMT adhesives and conductive adhesives) from tools (particularly dispensing needles) and electronic manufacturing substrates in ultrasonic cleaning equipment. 

Advantages compared to other cleaners:

  • ZESTRON® ES 200 has a high bath loading capability and therefore a long bath life as well as low maintenance costs
  • Specifically formulated to remove even persistent adhesive residues
  • Due to its high flash point, ZESTRON® ES 200 can be used in ultrasonic baths at a temperature between 20 - 60ºC / 68 - 140ºF
  • To ensure a short drying time, rinsing with ZESTRON® HC or water is recommended

Alternative Products




  • SMT adhesives
  • Conductive adhesives
  • Other adhesives