2018 Seminarios via Web

SMT, THT, y Paquetes Electrónicos Oportunidad de aprendizaje

ZESTRON Academy se complace en invitar a los operadores de producción, gerentes e ingenieros de procesos a participar en nuestra Serie de Seminarios Web de Limpieza GRATIS 2018. Todos los webinars comienzan a la 1:30 PM EDT, con una presentación de 45 minutos y 15 minutos P & R. Si hay un tema de limpieza específico que le interesa, visite nuestra página personalizada de entrenamiento.

March 22 // Should You Clean PCBs?

If the reliability of your electronic assemblies is critical, removing impurities from the board’s surface as well as underneath the components is necessary. This webinar provides insight to why it is important to fully clean electronic assemblies, how electrochemical migration and leakage currents can lead to failures as well as how to avoid issues associated with white residues.

April 26 // Defluxing Advanced Packages

In order to increase power module yield and reliability, companies are working on new products for power packaging especially for the common failure locations, die and substrate attach, interconnection and encapsulation. This has resulted in increased performance requirement involving greater packaging density and various material mix. This webinar provides an overview of potential failures that one can expect by selecting an inappropriate chemistry and important factors that needs to be considered while selecting an optimum cleaning agent. Several case studies will be reviewed which details on how newly improved chemical formulations provides superior material compatibility and cleanliness ensuring high reliability.

May 24 // Surface Cleanliness Assessment

How clean is clean? When manufacturing electronic assemblies, impurities left on the board’s surface or underneath the components may lead to field failures. This webinar provides an overview of the methodologies available to properly assess the cleanliness of post-clean assemblies.

June 21 // Cleaning Before Conformal Coating

Do you conformally coat your electronic assemblies? If so, cleaning prior to conformal coating is a must to ensure the long-term reliability of your products. This webinar provides an overview of potential failure mechanisms resulting from coating over residues.

July 26 // Cleaning for Reliability - Overcoming Challenges for Class III Assemblies

When designing Hi-Rel electronic assemblies, functionality is critical and long-term reliability is essential. This presentation provides an overview of the various failure mechanisms including the challenges associated with improper cleaning, board complexity, material mix, component and package types used. Steps to reduce the risk of failure and improve the long-term reliability will be presented. Case studies will be reviewed.

August 30 // Stencil, Underside Wipe and Misprint Cleaning

This webinar provides an overview of process issues related to paste and adhesive contaminated stencils, stencil cleaning technology as well as implications of cleaning nano-coated stencils. Misprint cleaning and principles of the underside wipe process will also be addressed.

September 27 // LED Cleaning and Reliability 

LEDs are widely used within modern PCBs in high power, automotive and lighting applications. Removing flux residues post soldering is critical in order to maintain functionality. This webinar reviews LED failure mechanisms such as corrosion, electrochemical migration and signal leakage. Customer case studies addressing LED cleaning applications will also be presented.

October 25 // DI-water vs Chemistry

Increased densities, reduced component sizes and standoff heights as well as a large variety of component packages combine to limit the effectiveness of cleaning with DI-water. This webinar addresses cleaning agent alternatives to pure DI-water processes that will produce the required cleanliness levels and thereby guarantee the long-term reliability of assemblies.


Todas las sesiones incluyen:


  • Presentación de 45 minutos
  • Sesión de preguntas y respuestas de 15 minutos
  • Acceso a la biblioteca en línea de webinars grabados

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