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Пресс-центр компании ZESTRON

Новости компании и направлений

In addition to the Technical Center, the Analytical Center is the heart of the daily customer support provided by ZESTRON’s Application Technology...

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Detection of resin-based residues on PCB assemblies

ZESTRON Academy is looking for the fastest shot

ZESTRON will be exhibiting a selection of state-of-the-art cleaning machines from leading international manufacturers at Productronica

For companies looking into a new cleaning process, ZESTRON offers a unique service in the industry.

ZESTRON Europe is pleased to announce the addition of Armin Steckenbauer to its team.

ZESTRONs multilingual website is presented with a new, modern look!

The ionic contamination test, also known as ROSE Test (Resistivity of Solvent Extract), is an extractive analysis technique offered in ZESTRON’s...

ZESTRON’s worldwide innovation at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2017


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