VIGON® N 680 - Latest pH Neutral Defluxing Solution for SMT and THT Low Standoffs
HYDRON® SE 230A - Semiconductor Defluxing
ZESTRON® EYE CM - Automatic Concentration Management
First to Market with Innovative pH Neutral Cleaning Solutions

MRO Cleaning

Precision Parts Cleaning

Precision Parts Cleaning

Water-based, surfactant-free MPC® and modern solvent processes for the industrial parts cleaning industry

ZESTRON offers proven, water-based cleaning solutions specifically designed for engine maintenance in the field of Aircraft Maintenance (MRO: Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul). Special advantages include the complete wastewater-free process control and the prevention of hydrogen embrittlement in titanium parts.

For precision parts cleaning, ZESTRON offers both water and solvent-based cleaning solutions.