ZESTRON to Feature pH Neutral Process Solutions at SMTA Huntsville Expo and Tech Forum

Manassas, VA – May 27, 2015 ZESTRON, the global leading provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing industry, will be exhibiting the latest in pH neutral cleaning solutions at the SMTA Huntsville Expo and Tech Forum

Since 2009, ZESTRON has provided innovative pH neutral cleaning solutions for defluxing PCBs, power electronics, and semiconductor applications.  In addition to VIGON® N 600, the latest aqueous-based products include VIGON® PE 180 and HYDRON® SE 220.

VIGON® PE 180, powered by MPC® (Micro Phase Cleaning) Technology, is a water-based cleaning agent developed for use in spray-in-air equipment. It removes flux residues from leadframes, discrete devices, power modules, and power LEDs following die attached and/or heat sink soldering. This cleaning agent was designed to remove oxide layers from copper surfaces in preparation for subsequent processes.

HYDRON® SE 220 is a water-based, single-phase cleaning agent specifically developed for use in immersion and ultrasonic processes. It removes flux residues from a wide range of semiconductor electronics. It is easily rinsed and provides optimal surface characteristics for subsequent processes such as wire bonding and molding, while ensuring excellent material compatibility.

The SMTA Huntsville Expo and Tech Forum will be held at Von Braun Center, 700 Monroe Street, Huntsville, AL, from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM.  For more information about ZESTRON’s pH neutral process solutions and services as well as our Advanced webinar for June titled “Concentration Monitoring and Control Techniques,” please visit our tabletop exhibit.  Our team stands ready to provide comprehensive solutions to your cleaning needs.