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HYDRON® SE 230A - Semiconductor Defluxing
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Aqueous-based, alkaline defluxing for semiconductor electronics

HYDRON® SE 230A is an aqueuos-based, single-phase cleaning agent specifically developed for the use in dip tank processes. It removes flux residues from a wide range of semiconductor electronics, such as leadframes, discrete devices, power modules, power LEDs, flip chips, and CMOS following the die attach process. The cleaning agent provides excellent deoxidiation of copper substrates for subsequent processes such as wire bonding and molding.

Advantages of HYDRON® SE 230A compared to other cleaners:

  • Features very low surface tension, ideal for cleaning capillary spaces, i.e. underneath low stand-off components
  • Exhibits a high level of material compatibility with sensitive materials such as copper, aluminum and nickel
  • Retains activated copper surfaces over an extended period of time without risk of reoxidation
  • Easily rinsed with DI-water yielding residue-free surfaces
  • Low odor
Alkaline defluxing agent for semiconductor electronics


Area of Specific Application


  • Flux residues