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Aqueous-based cleaning agent for SMT stencil printer underside wipe systems

VIGON® UC 160 based on MPC® Technology, is an aqueous-based cleaning agent designed to effectively remove solder paste residues from fine pitch stencil apertures in SMT printers. With low evaporative losses and effective wettability, product consumption is minimized and wipe cycles are reduced for optimal line operation.

Advantages compared to other cleaners:

  • Ideal for cleaning leaded and lead free solder paste from fine pitch stencil apertures during stencil underside wipe applications
  • Due to its water-based formulation, this cleaning agent evaporates significantly more slowly than IPA, limiting evaporative losses
  • No flash point and evaporates residue free
  • Aqueous-based, surfactant-free cleaner with excellent material compatibility on all wetted parts (stencils & printers)
  • No scaling or residue build up
  • Halogen free
  • Low odor


Area of Specific Application


  • SMT printer


  • Solder paste (unsoldered)