VIGON® N 680 - Latest pH Neutral Defluxing Solution for SMT and THT Low Standoffs
HYDRON® SE 230A - Semiconductor Defluxing
ZESTRON® EYE CM - Automatic Concentration Management
First to Market with Innovative pH Neutral Cleaning Solutions


Solvent-based cleaning medium for SMT stencil printer wipe systems

ZESTRON® SW is a solvent-based cleaner with a high flash point, specifically designed for use in SMT printers without vacuum drying. With reproducible cleaning results and residue-free drying, the reliability of printing processes is greatly increased.

Advantages compared to other surfactant cleaners:

  • Ideal for removing leaded and lead-free solder pastes from the stencil underside
  • Dries fast and residue free
  • Good delineation stability and reduced solder balling (see Technical Information 4)
  • High flash point (67°C/153°F) for safe printer operation
  • Halogen free


Area of Specific Application

  • Stencils underside wipe cleaning


  • SMT printer with or without vacuum drying


  • Solder paste (unsoldered)
  • SMT or conductive adhesives