Cleaning solutions for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through Hole (THT) Electronics

Environmentally friendly cleaning agents for all areas of electronics cleaning


Cleaning Questions?  ZESTRON has answers offering cleaning solutions for the SMT and power electronics industries.

ZESTRON®, VIGON®, HYDRON®, and ATRON® cleaning product lines remove various types of fluxes, solder pastes and SMT adhesives from PCB assemblies and power electronics.  ZESTRON products feature either the aqueous-based MPC® (Micro Phase Cleaning) Technology, FAST® (Fast Acting Surfactant) Technology or the latest modern solvent technology.

ZESTRON provides innovative, eco-friendly process solutions, including pH neutral cleaning agents for all electronics cleaning applications; from the SMT process such as PCBs, stencils, screens, reflow ovens, solder pallets, condensation traps, to cleaning power electronics such as DCBs, power LEDs, and packages such as discrete components.  

Furthermore, we offer advanced and efficient methods for bath monitoring as well as real time cleanliness analysis per current IPC standards.

All of ZESTRON’s products can be evaluated for free in one of our six global Technical Centers located in America, Europe or Asia and are fully compliant with REACH, RoHS / WEEE.