Analytical Accessories and Cleanliness Assessment Services

Ionic Contamination Testing, Ion Chromatography and other analytical services

At ZESTRON's Analytical Center, you have the opportunity to evaluate the electronics’ surface cleanliness according to IPC standards, J-STD, MIL or latest industry requirements employing a variety of test techniques. 


ZESTRON’s Application Engineering team performs in-depth cleanliness assessments consisting of ionic contamination testing, ion chromatography, visual inspection, SIR testing, climatic reliability, and failure analysis.  Moreover, you will be provided with a comprehensive technical report providing detailed analyses of tests performed.  Wash bath quality can also be analyzed confirming specified concentration and effectiveness.

In addition, ZESTRON provides tools/accessories that could be used to measure actual concentration of cleaning agents independent of dissolved contamination.  These tools include manual methods using Bath Analyzers and automatic methods using the ZESTRON® EYE.