Our Speakers

Dr. Helmut Schweigart

Head of Technology Development

Helmut Schweigart obtained his doctorate for research into the reliability of electronic sub-assemblies, and he has been employed at ZESTRON Europe since the early days of the company. At present, he is responsible for Technology Development. He is also a member of the Board of Management at GfKORR (Gesellschaft für Korrosionsschutz - a company specialising in corrosion inhibitors) as well as an active member of GUS (Gesellschaft für Umweltsimulation - an environmental simulation company) and of the IPC.

Dr. Markus Meier

Technology Development

After his study of chemistry at the Technical University Munich, Markus Meier worked among others on the ageing of cement and earned a PhD on the topic crystallization of cement-hydrate-phases under microgravity conditions. He is experienced in the areas interfacial chemistry and surface analytics. At ZESTRON Europe, he works in the field of Technology Development in which he is responsible for the coordination of research projects as well as the organization of technology coachings.

Stefan Strixner

Principal Engineer

Stefan Strixner studied Technical Chemistry and has been assisting operators since the business division ZESTRON was founded. He has managed responsibly the installation of several hundred cleaning processes. Among other things, he advises and supports the sales partners as well as subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. He was co-responsible for setting up the technical centres at the global locations of ZESTRON and took charge here of the on-site induction and training of the employees with posts of responsibility at those locations.

Thomas Möller

Senior Process Engineer

Thomas Möller studied chemical engineering, majoring in environmental technology, and has been involved for many years in applications technology at ZESTRON. Here, he advises and supports customers in Scandinavia, the Baltic region and Russia with the installation and operation of cleaning/scrubbing processes.

Michael Kövi

Senior Process Engineer

After finishing his studies on environmental sciences and process engineering at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, Michael Kövi started working as a process engineer at ZESTRON Europe in 2013.
In the Application Technology department he advises and services customers from all over Europe with regards to the installation and control of cleaning processes in the context of electronics production.
After his promotion to Senior Process Engineer in late 2018, he moreover is Zestrons expert for Technical cleanliness and is sharing his knowledge as a presenter in the Zestron Academy.

Renate Berenyi

Senior Process Engineer

Renate Berenyi studied technical chemistry and has been on the team since the very first days of the company. With her 20 years of experience as a process engineer in applications technology, she advises and supports key accounts in Germany and Austria, and is an expert in all kinds of cleaning processes.

Bertrand Thimmesch

Senior Process Engineer

Bertrand Thimmesch is a chemical engineer and he possesses extensive experience in the provision of advice and support to customers in respect of all cleaning processes associated with electronics manufacture. For many years, he has been responsible in applications technology at ZESTRON Europe for the French market, and for francophone customers.

Christina Eifert

Process Engineer

Christina Eifert graduated as an engineer in technical chemistry. For the last few years, she has worked in applications technology at ZESTRON Europe. She supports the German team in the provision of advice to customers on the subjects of commissioning and monitoring of cleaning processes, and she conducts analyses and provides various related services to customers.