Electronics Cleaning


Water-based, alkaline defluxing agent for electronic PCB cleaning

ATRON® AC 205 is specifically designed to remove flux residues in high pressure inline cleaning systems where short contact times are required. When compared to conventional surfactant-based cleaning agents, ATRON® AC 205 allows for much shorter contact times and provides a higher bath loading capacity.

Advantages compared to other surfactant cleaners:

  • Allows for a quicker removal of a wide variety of the latest lead-free and eutectic flux residues
  • Gentle formula leaves solder joints and pads shiny and bright
  • Longer bath life than conventional surfactant-based cleaners
  • Ensures a void-free underfill and improves the image resolution by removing all tacky fluxes from Flip Chips/CMOS
  • Optimal flux removal after die attach increases wire bonding quality as well as light conversion and life time of Power LEDs
  • Free of Ethanolamine and other harmful substances
  • Extremely low VOC value



  • Flux residues