Process Control

Bath Analyzer 10

Test kit for manual concentration measurement of alkaline cleaning agents

In order to achieve consistent cleaning results, the user has to ensure that the actual concentration of the cleaning agent stays within the recommended application range. Various factors such as “drag-out”, dilution and evaporation can potentially influence the actual concentration. Regular measurements of all process related parameters are therefore highly recommended. The ZESTRON® Bath Analyzer 10 is a simple, easy-to-use method which provides reliable and accurate results for fresh as well as for contaminated cleaning baths.

Advantages of the Bath Analyzer 10:

  • Very precise concentration measurement
  • Provides evidence of alkalinity via colour change
  • Simple and fast procedure
  • Mobile, for use anywhere
  • Requires little space with minimal investment

Simple measurement in only a few steps:

Sampling / Decanting              Adding test solution         Shaking / Evaluating


  • Bath concentration measurement
  • Manual