HYDRON - Single-phase Technology

HYDRON Technology

Water-based, Single-phase Cleaning Technology

HYDRON® is an innovative cleaning technology developed by ZESTRON. HYDRON® cleaning agents are waterbased and single-phased and cover a wide range of cleaning applications, such as defluxing of PCBAs, power electronics, advanced packages, wafer and stencil cleaning. HYDRON® Technology enables the complete removal of all contaminants from various electronic substrate surfaces.

Key advantages of HYDRON® products

Single-phase formulation

  • Stable, single-phase emulsion, no phase separation
  • No agitation required to mix or activate the cleaning agent
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Bonds to contaminants only temporarily,  resulting in easy filtration
  • Extended bath life time and low operating cost



Easy processability: 

  • Excellent cleaning and rinsing performance in cleaning machines with limited mixing
  • Consistent concentrations between bath tank and cleaning chamber
  • Easy to take bath samples as the cleaning agent does not have to be mixed in advance
  • Simple dosing of ready-to-use cleaning agent possible

Excellent rinseability:

  • Excellent rinseability ensuring the complete removal of residues 
  • residue-free, homogenously rinsed substrates using HYDRON® products in dip tank processes for defluxing of PCBs or power electronics 
  • completely streak-free stencils after rinsing and drying using HYDRON® products for cleaning and rinsing in stencil applications

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