Electronic cleaning processes

Centrifugal Cleaning Process

Cleaning in a dip tank with rotation energy

Centrifugal cleaning systems require a small footprint, all processes are confined in a single chamber including wash, rinse and drying operations. The system is determined by the direction of the forces acting on the contamination to be removed, spinning the products on center within a process chamber.

The products will be rotated while immersed in a cleaning solution, with the rotation reversing every few seconds, cleaning solutions flow is established in virtually every direction. This combination of forces results in the flux to be rapidly solubilized and flushed from the spaces of entrapment. After immersion washing, rinse solution (typically DI water) is dispensed onto the spinning products and immediately drained away to avoid any redeposition. The drying cycle is completed by continuous spinning of the product while introducing filtered hot air into the process chamber.

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