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Best Conditions for Underfill!

During the subsequent processing of Flip Chip components into for example BGAs, PGAs, and micro BGAs, the electrical contacts (bumps) will be soldered onto the component base using a reflow process. For the die attach process during the Flip Chip manufacturing, flux pastes (tacky fluxes) are used. These are applied via a dispenser, spraying, or a chip dip process. To achieve a complete and void free wetting of all materials that will subsequently be used for the underfill process, the removal of all flux residues from the tight spaces between the Flip Chip and the base material is an absolute necessity.

Flip chip cleaning

Thus, the main requirements for the cleaning process are:

  • Excellent wetting characteristics of the cleaner to properly penetrate the capillary spaces, even provided the short contact times with tacky flux
  • Excellent rinseability of the cleaning agent to ensure the complete removal of residues under components

ZESTRON cleaning processes that have been optimally developed for Flip Chips guarantee proper underfill wetting and prevent underfill voids.

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Flip chip cleaning

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