Process Control

Cleaning Agent Regeneration and Recovery

To extend the bath life time or to avoid negative impacts on PCBs to be cleaned due to recontamination from the cleaning bath, the operator has different opportunities.


Cleaning agent regeneration:

In some cases, it can be necessary to remove heavy metals from the cleaning and rinsing stage. Heavy metals such as copper, lead or tin can cause negative effects such as recontamination on electronic components. Environmental regulations for the discharge of waste water streams can also be the reason for further actions.

Integrating an absorber cartridge into the cleaning cycle in order to remove the heavy metal from the cleaning bath and to prevent drag-over into the rinsing bath can solve this problem.


Cleaning agent recovery:

During the cleaning process the chemistry evaporates and escapes the cleaning equipment through the required exhaust system. For inline cleaning machines the recovery of the cleaning agent from the exhaust system can be useful to reduce costs and VOC emissions.
A Demister is a passive system which is installed into the exhaust pipe to condense exhaust vapor to return cleaning agent and Di-water to the cleaning machine.

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