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Solder Pallet and Condensation Trap Cleaning

During the soldering process, gases and vapors are emitted from the solder paste. If the condensation traps are not cleaned regularly, these residues will prevent the transfer of heat which can lead to a significant reduction in the level of precipitation.  Regular maintenance cleaning is therefore recommended in order to ensure the functionality and preserve as well as extend the product life of the condensation traps.

solder frame cleaning, condensation trap cleaning
condensation trap cleaning, solder frame cleaning

When cleaning solder frames, mainly severely burnt-in flux residues must be removed as otherwise the proper PCB placement and optimal processing through the wave soldering machine cannot be ensured. This typically leads to uneven solder results on the assembly.

The removal of flux residues from condensation traps and solder pallets can be done manually or by using cleaning equipment. For this purpose, ZESTRON offers various water based maintenance cleaners that remove severely burnt-in flux residues generated by low solid content, colophony containing, synthetic, and water soluble solder pastes as well as clean condensed gas emissions.

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condensation trap cleaning

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