Maintenance Cleaning

Decoating of coating pallets, frames, masks and fixtures

Strong cleaning performance with maximum worker safety can be achieved with a water-based process

Conformal coating on electronic assemblies protects against harmful environmental influences and moisture. For coating applications, PCB assemblies are placed in special holders called coating frames or coating masks, and are either passed through the coating process or selectively coated. Coating frames are usually made of aluminium or fibreglass-reinforced plastic. With each new coating cycle, additional coating material is deposited on the frames and tools that come into contact with the coating material, and then hardens. To ensure a safe and sustainable coating process, the deposits must be removed from the frames after certain usage cycles.

Before now, the only way to remove the coating material required cleaning with aggressive stripping chemicals that have both health and environmental hazard potential.

Highest work safety and good material compatibility

In order to provide the user with a safer and faster decoating process, ZESTRON created ATRON® DC, a water-based process. The development of ATRON® DC prioritized the worker’s safety, the reduction of the work effort, and environmental compatibility. Also, a good material compatibility was taken into account, so that the whole frame can be immersed without hesitation.

Even very thick layers of coating can be completely cleaned within 1.5 hours without requiring manual rework. However, with our recommended regular cleaning, complete decoating is possible within 15 minutes.

Water-based decoating chemicals are universally applicable

ATRON® DC is effective at removing acrylic, polyurethane and sometimes even silicone protective coatings. The decoater is suitable for all common cleaning systems in the maintenance sector, including ultrasonic, dip tank and spray processes. ATRON® DC is typically used between room temperature and 60°C.

Our application technology department will be happy to support you in finding the optimal decoating process for your coating frames, holders and tools!

Manual rework after using conventional stripping chemicals
Heavily soiled coating frame
Decoating in a spray machine
Heavily soiled coating frame before and after cleaning with ATRON DC after 90 minutes without manual rework

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