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Wave Solder System Cleaning

During the wave soldering process, the plating inside the oven and the conveyor fingers that guide the solder pallets over the wave are particularly contaminated.

The continued cleaning of the conveyor fingers is particularly important as otherwise, the solder pallets cannot be properly guided over the wave.  This can lead to improper soldering results.

media for cleaning conveyor fingers
smt oven cleaning

To clean the plating inside the ovens as well as the conveyor fingers, ZESTRON offers water based maintenance cleaners that are based on the Micro Phase Technology (MPC®) as well as modern surfactant cleaning agents that are based on the FAST® Technology (Fast Acting Surfactant Technology).

In addition to their improved cleaning performance, these maintenance cleaning agents have no flash point and therefore, unlike commonly used alcohols, can be applied to warm surfaces.  This prevents unnecessary machine downtime.  Furthermore, for conveyor finger cleaning, these cleaners can be used while the process is running.

We invite you to test our water-based maintenance cleaners for your wave solder machine! 

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