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Semi-Aqueous PCBA Cleaning

Broad Spectrum Process and Extended Bath Life

pcba cleaning

Cleaning electronics in semi-aqueous processes is typically accomplished by using ultrasonic or spray-under-immersion dip tank applications. These processes consist of a solvent based cleaning step which is followed by several DI-water rinse steps.

Semi-aqueous PCBA cleaning processes feature a very wide process window that facilitates the removal of all types of resin and flux residues from lead-free and leaded no-clean solder pastes.  

In general, for these types of processes ordinary alcohols are not used, but rather modern solvents that are organic in nature and free of halogens. These types of solvent based cleaners feature a very high bath loading capacity and therefore provide an extended bath life.  Due to their surfactant free formulation, they are also easily rinsed with de-ionized water.

Cleaning agents from our ZESTRON product line are especially suitable for aqueous based PCB cleaning processes.

Please contact our Application Technology department to select the optimal cleaning process for your application!

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