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Water-based Cleaning

Wide Process Window, Flexible Applications, No Flash Point, and Low VOC Content

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Modern, water-based PCB cleaning processes dominate the market. A cleaning process consists of the wash process and one or more DI-water rinse steps.

These processes feature a very wide process window that facilitates the removal of all types of resin and flux residues from leaded and lead-free no-clean solder pastes. 

Furthermore, water-based PCB cleaning agents can be easily used for a variety of processes.  You can find PCB cleaners in batch as well as in inline equipment that features agitation systems such as spray-in-air cleaning, in dip tank machines with ultrasonic or spray-under-immersion technology as well as in batch cleaning processes.

Also, water-based PCB cleaners have no flash point. This is a key feature that clearly contributes to increased worker and storage safety as well as environmental friendliness due to its very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content.

PCB Cleaning agents based on the MPC® Technology (i.e. Micro Phase Cleaner) or the modern surfactant cleaners based on the FAST® Technology (Fast Acting Surfactant Technology) are specifically suitable for water-based PCB cleaning applications.

Please contact our Application Technology department to find your optimal cleaning process, i.e. the best combination of cleaning machine and chemistry for your application!

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