PCB Cleaning

Water-free cleaning

Broad Spectrum Process, Fast and Residue Free Drying

printed circuit board cleaning

Modern, water-free printed circuit board cleaning processes are primarily run in single chamber solvent machines with vapor rinse but sometimes also in multi-chamber dip tank processes. The cleaning methodologies used are ultrasonic and spray-under-immersion.

A solvent-based cleaning step is typical in water-free processes. Subsequently, one or several rinsing steps with the same solvent take place.

For these types of processes, the cleaning chemistries are modern solvent-based cleaners with broad spectrum formulations. The polar and non-polar components of the cleaning agents are able to remove a wide variety of flux residues from leaded and lead-free no-clean solder pastes.  Furthermore, solvent-based cleaners can be easily distilled, enabling them to be used in cleaning equipment with vapor rinse.  Due to their surfactant free formulation, they dry fast and residue free.

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printed circuit board cleaning

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