Stencil Cleaning

Manual Stencil Cleaning

stencil wash

Apart from an automated cleaning process for stencils, SMT adhesive and solder paste residues can also be removed manually. A manual stencil wash process is oftentimes a popular alternative if the throughput of the stencils that need to be cleaned is low as, for example, it is when building prototypes.  If the production throughput is high, for instance in manufacturing facilities with several shifts, and if reproducible and excellent cleaning results are required, this can only be realized by using an automated process

stencil wash

When cleaning stencils manually, it is important to use a stencil wipe that consists of materials that do not leave any lint or other residues on the stencil. At the same time, manual cleaning must be done carefully as too much force can easily damage the stencil.

ZESTRON offers water based HYDRON® and MPC® cleaners as well as solvent based cleaners in small containers.

Our Application Technology department is pleased to help you find the most suitable process – for both automated and manual cleaning! 

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