Misprint Cleaning

Misprint Cleaning

Prevent Misprinted PCBs and Boards from Going to Waste

Even though cleaning stencils can substantially improve the print results, misprints can still occur during the production process. When cleaning misprints, you are primarily removing solder paste that was inaccurately applied to the base substrate or smeared.

When it comes to highly valuable double-sided misprints where one side had already been soldered, cleaning is well worth it as flawed assemblies can be returned to the production process instead of having to be scrapped.

misprint cleaning
misprint cleaning

At the same time, when cleaning double sided misprints, you are not only removing misprinted solder paste but also flux residues from the soldered side. If activator residues remain on the board due to an inadequate cleaning process, the assembly cannot be properly coated and field failures can occur.

Misprint cleaning can typically be performed in a stencil cleaning machine. With regard to available cleaning media, ZESTRON offers water based MPC® cleaners as well as modern solvent based cleaners that can be used for not only solder pastes but also flux residues.  Our misprint cleaners as well as the respective cleaning equipment provided by leading international manufacturers can be tested at a ZESTRON Technical Center under production floor conditions.

Our Application Technology department is pleased to support you in finding the optimal process for your application! 

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