Analytic Services

Bath Analysis

For reliable and consistent cleaning results

In order to ensure a consistently high wash bath quality and therefore process security following implementation, we offer you a free of charge bath monitoring service. We analyze your bath samples according to predefined parameters using standard analytical methods. This bath analysis will help you maximize your wash bath life and reduce overall process costs.

We provide

  • Free of charge analyses of up to six bath samples using standard ISO analytical methods
  • Technical reports with graphical representations and control limits (see below)
  • Bath monitoring parameters specifically designed for your application
  • Determination of solid content
  • pH-value measurement (according to DIN 19268)
  • Conductivity measurement (according to DIN-EN 27888)
  • Concentration measurement
  • Gas Chromatography (GC) analysis
  • Visual inspection
  • Additional physical/chemical testing in cooperation with industry partners

Your benefits

  • Standardized analytical methods to verify the process security for internal and external audits
  • Transparent implementation of a new process
  • Control parameters to independently monitor the wash bath quality and early detection of cleaning problems
  • A continuously secure and stable cleaning process achieved through excellent wash bath quality

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