Analytic Services

Cleanliness and Surface Qualification

We analyze your process to the µm!

At ZESTRON‘s Analytical Center, you have the opportunity to test your entire cleaning process according to international standards such as IPC, MIL or J-STD using a multitude of analytical test methods.

The available processes can be divided into visual, chemical and physical test methods. Thus, all cleaned substrates, such as power modules, PCBs, stencils and tools, as well as the quality of your cleaning bath itself can be analyzed using various techniques.

We provide

  • Analytical methods to qualify the surface cleanliness according to J-STD001F
  • Detailed written technical reports
  • Analysis of possible failures induced by residues
  • Recommendations for corrective action or optimization

Your benefits

  • Standardized analytical methods to verify the process security for internal and external audits
  • Transparent implementation of a new process
  • Control parameters to independently monitor the wash bath quality and the early detection of cleaning problems
  • A continuously secure and stable cleaning process achieved through the excellent quality of the wash bath

The following analytical methods are available:

  • Surface energy via contact angle measurement or ink test for bond and mold ability
  • Surface resistance measurement for signal integrity
  • ZESTRON® Flux Test to indicate local distribution of flux activators for corrosion and leakage risk assessment
  • ZESTRON® Resin Test to visually identify local distribution of resin-based residues for coatability and bondability
  • ZESTRON® Coating Layer Test for localized detection of protective coating layer defects on electronic assemblies