Technical Cleanliness: Extraction of particles and analysis

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Even the smallest amount of residue may increase the risk of failure on electronic boards significantly. Therefore, when producing electronic boards, you should intend to keep the amount of particles with a potential risky size and type as low that no failures occur during the production process nor when the board is applied in the field later on. By using specific extraction and analysis techniques, particles on the board can be quantitavely and qualitatively measured (based on standard VDA19 / ISO 16232) to evaluate the failure risk. Furthermore, by using this method the influence of particle residues on failure can be evaluated, where applicable.

Application Areas

  • Qualitative and quantitative measurement of particles according to type and size distribution (based on standard VDA19 / ISO 16232)
  • With extraction and analysis of particles, it is possible to achieve cleanliness values based on the ZVEI Guideline Technical Cleanliness in Electrical Engineering
  • Evaluation of particles influencing failures

Additional offers:

  • Cleanliness audit in your production area
  • We also offer customized Technology Coachings based on your requirements.