Maintenance Services

Maintenance Cleaning

More than Basic Equipment Maintenance

To continuously guarantee the best possible cleaning results and the most economical and optimized cleaning process, the process must be checked and adjusted at regular intervals. An optimized process will help you minimize your cleaning agent consumption and shorten process times while ensuring reliable cleaning results. We are here to support you and offer you a maintenance cleaning service that far exceeds basic maintenance. 

A ZESTRON technician who is experienced and familiar with your type of equipment will perform the maintenance of your entire cleaning process.  This includes cleaning your equipment as well as the maintenance of your peripheral devices such as the exchange of filter cartridges. Subsequently, we will check the process settings of your equipment and optimize them for your ZESTRON cleaning agent.  Additionally, you will receive our process monitoring recommendations and your ZESTRON technician will develop an individualized maintenance plan, so that the best possible cleaning results and the most economical process can be guaranteed in the future.

pcb cleaning equipment
pcb cleaning equipment

Your benefit

  • Expert maintenance cleaning of your cleaning equipment
  • Equipment maintenance such as checking the spray nozzles, pipes, seals, and filters
  • Operational testing of the machine and process parameter optimization, e.g. belt speed, temperature and pressure
  • Training of your employees with regard to the bath monitoring process and development of a maintenance plan
  • Proof of process reliability for internal and external ISO audits


We would be pleased to provide you with a quote for our customized maintenance cleaning service.