Technical Support

Process Development

Turnkey Cleaning Process Solutions Provided by ZESTRON

As part of our comprehensive process development program, we guide you through the entire development and implementation of your cleaning process.

For this, we analyze your requirements such as production volume and available budget.  Following, we conduct comprehensive cleaning trials with your parts at our Technical Center in order to find the best combination of machine and cleaning agent that meets your requirements. Then we develop a performance envelope as well as the equipment and cleaning agent selection.

Our expert engineering team will be there to provide hands-on support during the equipment integration into your production line. We also provide training for your personnel and operators, thereby ensuring a well educated staff. Furthermore, through our process guarantee, we ensure cleaning process continuity as well as an economically optimized process.

pcb cleaning solution
pcb cleaning solution
pcb cleaning solution
pcb cleaning solution

Your benefit

  • Comprehensive services – one centrally responsible contact person
  • Process guarantee – contractually guaranteed cleaning results
  • Fixed costs – no unexpected surcharges
  • Risk mitigation – adherence to deadlines and costs guaranteed in writing
  • Expert advice – experience with more than 2000 processes installed worldwide