Do you have IPA supply issues?

Zestron offers various IPA (isopropyl alcohol) alternatives for electronics cleaning to keep up your business during the COVID-19 pandemic

In the course of the current COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide efforts to limit the expansion of the virus, the demand for IPA (isopropyl alcohol) is excessively increasing due to its disinfectant properties. This will likely continue to impact supply chains, lead to shortages and increasing prices.

To help you become more independent from IPA, we offer the following alternative cleaning solutions with improved health and safety. Check out recommended chemistries and contact us today for more information and offers.

Water- and solvent-based IPA alternatives:

Underside Wipe Cleaning

Water- and solvent-based solutions for underside wiping in SMT printers.

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Manual stencil cleaning

Water- and solvent-based solutions for removing solder pastes and SMT adhesives from stencils

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Manual defluxing & rework

Solvent-based solution for manual cleaning of PCBAs during rework & repair, available as aerosol can or bulk chemistry.

Learn more about VIGON EFM

Maintenance Cleaning

Water-based cleaner to remove baked-on fluxes from re-condensed gas emissions in reflow ovens and finger cleaning for wave solder systems.

Learn more about VIGON RC 303

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