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Cleaning StoriesMore Than Just Cleaning

Cleaning electronic assemblies. Not always easy to realise. We help you to cope successfully with your daily challenges along the entire process chain.

Electronics Cleaning Process Optimisation

Batch Instead of Inline

System selection according to individual requirements

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Electronics Cleaning Process Optimisation | © peach_adobe – stock.adobe.com

More Sustainability & Lower Costs

Optimised deionised water treatment

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Conformal Coating: Cleaning Before PCB Coating

Why Cleaning Before Protective Coating Makes Sense.

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Schaum Leiterplatte Reinigung

Excessive Foam Formation in the PCB Cleaning Process

Possible Causes and Potential Solutions

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Top-Story White Residues on Your Eectronic Assembly?

White residuces on electronic assemblies - a well-known problem for many manufacturers. But the culprits can be many and varied. We give you a brief insight into possible causes and possible solutions.

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Reliability & Surfaces StoriesFull Expert Input for Reliable Solutions

The causes of failure of electronic assemblies can be manifold. In some cases, the problem can be found quickly, in other cases, a series of tests and examinations must be carried out until a suitable solution is found. But regardless of whether it is effortless or tricky - our experts at ZESTRON will do their utmost to find the best individual solution for you and deliver reliable results.

Loud. Louder. Loudest

When the car radio control no longer regulates the volume - prevent imminent delivery stop.

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Clean or Not Clean?

Is technical cleanliness still guaranteed without the intermediate cleaning step?

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There are No More Pretzels

When the pretzel baking machine no longer works

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Maintain Quality Standards

Avoid expensive recalls

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cleaning workshopFind the Optimal Cleaning Process

Step by step to the right cleaning system

29. November  2023 | 10:00 am - 12:30 pm (CET)

Learn about the factors to consider when making your decision and find the optimal cleaning system - we will help you!

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on the test benchZESTRON Fact Checks

In the electronics industry, there are many questions and statements regarding the cleaning process of printed circuit boards and assemblies. At ZESTRON, we take the time to scientifically and objectively examine these topics in order to provide well-founded answers.

applications & AnalyticsBriefly and Succinctly: Cleaning & Analytics in the Electronics Industry

In the electronics industry, cleaning and/or analysis are often essential to ensure optimal performance and reliability of assemblies, as well as to identify and quantify residues and contaminants.

Read selected use cases that illustrate why cleaning and/or analysis are of great importance.

why cleaning assemblies  | © m.mphoto – stock.adobe.com

Cleaning of Assemblies

From Heel Cracks and Lift-Offs

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Clean power electronics

Cleaning of Power Modules


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Stencil cleaning electronics

Stencil Cleaning


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ionic contamination Ion chromatography

ROSE-Test or Ion Chormatography

Ionic Contamination on the Surface of PCBs

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ZESTRON Academy Technical Cleanliness

Particulate Contaminationen

Maximum Technical Cleanliness for your PCBs

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Effects and Measures

Flux Residues on Electronic Assemblies

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Our team of experts regularly publishes technical articles on current topics relating to the reliability of electronic assemblies.

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