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ZESTRON WE-CARE PROGRAMMEQuickly and Easily to the
Reliable Cleaning Process

Would you like to have your electronic components cleaned, but you have no experience in this field? Do you already have a process that works, but you want to optimise it? Then ZESTRON is the right partner for you! Our experts will reliably develop the perfect cleaning process for you - quickly, competently and individually according to your needs.

SOLUTION-ORIENTEDWe Master Your Cleaning Challenge

Hardly any area of our lives can do without electronics. Long-lasting and flawlessly functioning electronics, for example in cars, aircraft or medical equipment, are therefore essential. Module cleaning makes a decisive contribution to this.

However, the development of functional and effective solutions for individual cleaning challenges requires expertise on many levels. Whether selecting the right cleaner, implementing a custom-fit process or optimising it:

Our experts guarantee you outstanding results - reliably backed up by a machine test in our in-house technical centre.

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PROCESS DEVELOPMENT AT ZESTRONWe Accompany You Comprehensively on the Way to Your Custom-Fit Cleaning Process

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From analysis to development to implementation of the process, we are at your side with advice and support in all areas.

In order to achieve the optimum result for you, we first obtain an overview. We determine your needs and check your prerequisites: What production throughput should the process be designed for? What budget is available for implementation?

In the next step, we carry out comprehensive cleaning trials with your parts in our Technical Center. In this way, we find the best combination of system and cleaner for your process.

The ZESTRON experts are at your disposal during the following system acceptance test as well as during the final installation in your production. And even after commissioning of the process, you can continue to rely on ZESTRON: Because our process engineers also take care of the necessary personnel or operator training and assure you of consistently good cleaning results in the long term through our process guarantee.

THEREFORE ZESTRONAll Advantages at a Glance

  • Complete service from a single source: A centrally responsible contact person

  • Process guarantee: Contractually guaranteed cleaning results

  • Fixed amount: No unexpected follow-up costs

  • Risk minimization: Written guarantee that costs and deadlines will be met

  • Expert advice: Experience from over 2000 installed processes worldwide


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PROCESS OPTIMISATION WITH ZESTRONTogether We Optimise Your Current Cleaning Process

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Whether it is a change to a new solder paste, the introduction of a new product or other changes in the production process - all these factors have an influence on the requirements for the cleaning process. To ensure that the best possible cleaning results can continue to be guaranteed, we carry out process optimization in many cases.

Through a comprehensive analysis, our engineers first identify your very individual requirements in order to subsequently adjust the parameters to the new conditions.

Whether it's adjusting process times, setting a new media concentration or optimizing the temperature window - where necessary, our experts will find the right solutions to maximize the efficiency of your process again.

But that's not the end of our work. In addition to the adjustments, our engineers also examine the process peripherals, such as the media filtration and the surface purity, which is checked in our in-house analytical laboratory. In this way, an economically viable cleaning process is always guaranteed.

therefore zestronYour Advantages at a Glance

  • Detailed advice from your ZESTRON process engineer

  • Changeover or adaptation of the machine to the optimum parameters for you for the best possible cleaning results

  • Checking and optimization of system peripherals, e.g. media filtration for cost reduction

  • Written proof of surface cleanliness and thus process reliability for internal and external ISO audits


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MACHINE-TEST-CENTRECome to the ZESTRON Technical Centre

Get an overview of possible cleaning systems in just one day. We will carry out various cleaning tests with you to find your optimal cleaning process.

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Following your cleaning tests, we determine the achieved surface cleanliness of your assembly using the most modern analysis methods.

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cleaning WorkshopFind the Optimal Cleaning Process

Step by step to the right cleaning system

Learn about the factors to consider when making your decision and find the optimal cleaning system - we will help you!

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