Maintenance Cleaning

Pressure Sprayer

For easy and fast dispensing in reflow oven and wave solder system cleaning applications

Supplementary equipment for VIGON RC 303

Especially developed for spraying large surfaces within seconds, the handy pressure sprayer is the ideal solution for cleaning reflow ovens, wave solder systems as well as for the manual cleaning of oven parts, such as condensations traps or solder frames. 

The adjustable spray nozzle allows different spray patterns from a conical pattern to a straight jet. With the help of the safety valve, the pressure is automatically depressurized at 3 bar. In addition, the pressure can be easily released by rotating the safety valve after each application.

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Simple and fast dispensing in only a few steps:


Fill container and pump approx. 15 times                   Regulate the nozzle to adjust the spray                       Press the spray button onto surface                            Release the pressure after each use

Technical data:

  • Capacity: 1 liter
  • Material gasket: EPDM
  • Material pumping rod: PP
  • Material bottle: PP


  • Safety valve
  • Adjustable spray nozzle

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