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Decoating of PCBA fixtures with ATRON DC – water-based process with highest operator safety

For a reliable coating process fixtures, frames and tools needs to be cleaned regularly. In most cases aggressive stripping chemicals are used which are harmful to the operators health. Furthermore, these chemicals often lack in decoating performance and laborious manual rework is necessary.

Now the world’s first, water-based decoater ATRON DC is available. This new decoater is characterized by an impressive cleaning performance with a very good material compatibility and guarantees highest operator safety.

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How to measure the concentration with the ZESTRON EYE Mobile

The concentration measurement for pcb assembly and SMT stencil cleaning processes with the ZESTRON EYE Mobile is very easy & fast. In this tutorial video we show you every step of the process from getting the device ready for measurement to the final measured value. You will also learn what measurement profiles are, how the dosing recommendation work and what`s the best way to conduct a measurement.

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Mobile automated concentration measurement - fast, cost-effective solution targeting multiple cleaning machine measurement. Suitable for pcb and SMT stencil processes.

The device guides the user quickly and easily to a precise concentration measurement result. Configurable measuring profiles enable process monitoring even for several machines with different settings and cleaning agents.

Of course, the ZESTRON® EYE Mobile also offers complete documentation and storage of the measurement results for process control and traceability, which can be transferred to a PC via USB interface.

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ZESTRON® EYE - real-time concentration measurement system for pcb cleaning processes

ZESTRON® EYE is digital concentration monitoring system that enables the precise and real-time measurement and control of cleaning bath concentration for electronics cleaning processes irrespective of flux loading.

It is easily integrated within commonly used pcb cleaning machine types and manufacturers. Continuous data storage is ensuring the traceability of monitored process parameters.

The device is industry 4.0 ready and you can easliy connect the ZESTRON® EYE to the machine PLC, a PC, Laptop or LAN.oling areas, when lacking a proper coating layer, have detrimental effects on the final board assembly. 

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Detection of protective coating layer defects on electronic assemblies

The ZESTRON® Coating Layer Test utilizes a black color reaction as a visual indicator of the defects in the protective coating, even in the case of μ-coatings. The test thus adds the standardized methods for coating thickness measurement by enabling rapid and non-destructive detection of closed and dense coatings. Therefore, the test can also be used during production for cost-effective sampling. 

The reliability of protective PCB assembly coatings, with regard to climate and harmful gas safety, is essentially determined by the uniform application of the conformal coating without interferences or gaps in the protective layer. In particular, common trouble areas such as solder joint edges and pore channels in coating pooling areas, when lacking a proper coating layer, have detrimental effects on the final board assembly. 

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MPC Technology - Water-based cleaning technology

ZESTRON`s water-based cleaning technology is combining the advantages of solvent and surfactant technologies.

“Micro Phase Cleaning” (MPC®) is an innovative cleaning technology developed and patented by ZESTRON. Its cleaning properties allow a wide application range and power the complete removal of all contaminants from electronic substrate surfaces (PCB assemblies, stencils, screens etc.). 

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VIGON EFM - manual PCB defluxing

VIGON® EFM is a mixture of halogen-free, organic solvents. It dries fast and residue-free. VIGON® EFM is non-corrosive and compatible with most polymers.

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How to conduct the ZESTRON Flux Test

The ZESTRON® Flux Test indicates carboxylic-based flux activators through a color reaction. The test is an important supplement to the ionic contamination measurement, as non-visible residues can be easily detected.

This video tutorial will show you how fast and easy you can detect carboxylic-based flux activators on your pcb assemblies.

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ZESTRON EYE - online concentration measurement for pcb cleaning processes

ZESTRON® EYE is an online concentration monitoring system that enables the precise and real-time measurement and control of cleaning bath concentration for electronics cleaning processes irrespective of flux loading.

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How to use the ZESTRON Resin Test

Learn how to identify the local distribution of resin based residues on electronic PCB assemblies.

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How to clean a reflow oven with VIGON RC 303

Learn how to clean a reflow oven or wave solder systems with a mild and environmentally friendly cleaning agent and the highest level of work safety.

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Pressure Sprayer for easy and fast dispensing in reflow oven and wave solder system cleaning applications

Especially developed for spraying large surfaces within seconds, the handy pressure sprayer is the ideal solution for cleaning reflow ovens, wave solder systems as well as for the manual cleaning of oven parts, such as condensations traps or solder frames.

Concentration measurement with the ZESTRON Bath Analyzer Kit

Learn how simple and fast the concentration measurement with the ZESTRON® Bath Analyzer is in this step by step tutorial.

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ZESTRON HC - manual cleaning of dispensing needles

ZESTRON® HC is a modified alcohol-based cleaning agent designed for the removal of SMT adhesives from tools such as dispensing nozzles. ZESTRON HC can also be used for the removal of solder particles and dust from pick & place nozzles. It is supplied in an aerosol can for easy manual application.

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ATRON SP 200 - cleaning of solder pallets and condensation traps

ATRON® SP 200 is an aqueous-alkaline surfactant cleaner, specifically developed to remove baked-on fluxes from solder pallets and condensation traps. ATRON® SP 200 can be used for the removal of unsoldered solder pastes from SMT stencils. The cleaner can be used in air assisted, spray-in-air and ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

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