Surface Analysis & Cleaning Bath Monitoring

Learn how to analyse the cleanliness of your electronic assemblies and components and how to monitor the concentration of your cleaning bath.

Detection of protective coating layer defects on electronic assemblies

The ZESTRON® Coating Layer Test utilizes a black color reaction as a visual indicator of the defects in the protective coating, even in the case of μ-coatings. The test thus adds the standardized methods for coating thickness measurement by enabling rapid and non-destructive detection of closed and dense coatings. Therefore, the test can also be used during production for cost-effective sampling. 

The reliability of protective PCB assembly coatings, with regard to climate and harmful gas safety, is essentially determined by the uniform application of the conformal coating without interferences or gaps in the protective layer. In particular, common trouble areas such as solder joint edges and pore channels in coating pooling areas, when lacking a proper coating layer, have detrimental effects on the final board assembly. 

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Technical Cleanliness - Extraction of particles and analysis

Even the smallest amount of residue may increase the risk of failure on electronic boards significantly.

Particle contamination of electronic assemblies can be reliably analysed through particle extraction and analysis.

This qualitative and quantitative measurement tool can define the particles by type and size distribution, and be applied to assess the risk of failure on electronic boards. Furthermore, this method can be used to evaluate particulate contamination with regard to its influence on the cause of damage of the assembly.

ZESTRON EYE - automatic online concentration measurement

ZESTRON® EYE is an online concentration monitoring system that enables the precise and real-time measurement and control of cleaning bath concentration for electronics cleaning processes irrespective of flux loading.

ZESTRON Flux Test - Indication of flux activators on PCB assemblies

The ZESTRON® Flux Test indicates carboxylic-based flux activators through a color reaction. The test is an important supplement to the ionic contamination measurement, as non-visible residues can be easily detected.

This video tutorial will show you how fast and easy you can detect carboxylic-based flux activators on your pcb assemblies.

ZESTRON Bath Analyzer kit - easy and fast concentration measurement

Learn how simple and fast the concentration measurement with the ZESTRON Bath Analyzer is in this step by step tutorial.

Resin Test - identification of resin based residues

With electronic assemblies being more frequently exposed to diverse climatic conditions, the reliability of conformal coatings becomes increasingly important. Remaining flux residues are mainly responsible for adverse effects on the climatic and long-term reliability. Particularly, the resin-based components of such residues promote poor adhesion, which in turn leads to delamination and/or cracks of the conformal coating. As a result, all resin-based residues must be identified during the manufacturing process and completely removed through an integrated cleaning step.

This video tutorial will show you how fast and easy you can detect resin based residues on your pcb assemblies.

ZESTRON Easy Bath Control Kit

ZESTRON Easy Bath Control Kit is a simple-to-use procedure that allows the user to monitor the cleaning agent concentration not only during the process implementation but also at any given point thereafter.

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