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Reliability is our driver – in every aspect of our work

ZESTRON is your partner, when highest reliability for your boards is required – We work alongside our customers with process optimization, risk avoidance, right through to damage analysis as a consultant.  Our process engineers test your assemblies, semiconductors or power electronics modules under production conditions in the cleaning equipment of leading manufacturers and identify the best combination of machine, cleaning chemistry, process monitoring and cleanliness analysis.

President Harald Wack about ZESTRON, your partner for precision cleaning in the electronic industry

"We want to be your resource to solve your most challenging cleaning problems with you." Dr. Harald Wack, president of ZESTRON, gives his insights into the industry, history and goals of the company.

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Stencil Cleaning – Optimize your cleaning process in one day

With ZESTRON , conduct an unbiased system comparison and the possibility of testing up to three system concepts with innovative cleaning agents in one day. Just arrange an appointment with one of our experienced process engineers, and bring along your stencils, adhesives and solder pastes to ZESTRON. 

ZESTRON'S Global Technical Centers

ZESTRON's Technical Centers in Europe, Americas and Asia offer customers in the electronics and semiconductor industries the unique possibility to run tests with their own parts such as power modules, PCBs or SMT stencils in a variety of cleaning systems under production floor conditions. As a result, the customer has the opportunity to test and compare the different machine systems in terms of process control and handling.

The results achieved can then be immediately analyzed in the ZESTRON Analytical Center on the basis of international standards (ROSE, IR, IC, etc.). Throughout the evaluation process, the customer is personally supported by a ZESTRON process engineer. The engineers are experts in the field of cleaning chemistry and have extensive experience with the various systems available.  ZESTRON can analyze the results with their customers, account for individual customer requirements and specify the most suitable cleaning agent within the various machine systems. 

PCB Cleaning – Optimize your cleaning process with ZESTRON

Do you manufacture electronic assemblies that require high reliability? Avoid critical field failures by optimizing your cleaning process.

ZESTRON - Company and Technical Innovations

Take a virtual tour of the ZESTRON Technical Center. Populated with more than 30 cleaning machines from leading equipment manufacturers, you can evaluate SMT and power module cleaning and defluxing processes with the support of our Application Technology team.
We invite you to evaluate our MPC®-Technology, a water-based cleaning technology developed by ZESTRON and its use with the ZESTRON® EYE, the world`s first automatic concentration measurement system for electronics cleaning - for fresh and loaded cleaning baths.

ZESTRON Academy - Training Online

Why Clean PCBs?

For electronic assemblies with critical reliability, removing impurities from the surface and underneath the components is necessary. You will learn which risks you can avoid by cleaning your assemblies and how cleaning can stabilize your production process.

ZESTRON Academy - Training Online

Cleaning before Conformal Coating

An impeccable coating quality is essential for the long-term function of electronic assemblies. You will learn which impact production residues and dirt can have on the reliability of the coating and how you can prevent and avoid coating failures.

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