Electronics Cleaning


Water-based defluxing agent for spray-in-air cleaning processes

VIGON® A 201 provides excellent cleaning performance in spray-in-air cleaning processes for the cleaning of capillary spaces, e.g. under low stand-off components. It leads to shiny solder joints after cleaning without the need for any additives. Additionally, it is recommended for flux removal from Flip Chips, CMOS and Power LEDs.

Advantages compared to other cleaners:

  • Successfully cleaning under low standoff components
  • Especially effective for lead-free No-Clean solder pastes
  • High bath loading capacity ensures extended bath life, low maintenance costs and reduced costs per cleaned part
  • Easy to rinse and does not leave any residues on the surfaces
  • Ensures a void-free underfill and improves the image resolution by removing all tacky fluxes from Flip Chips/CMOS
  • Optimal flux removal after die attach increases wire bonding quality as well as light conversion and life time of Power LEDs


  • PCB defluxing
  • Low standoff cleaning


  • Flux residues