Electronics Cleaning


Water-based, pH-neutral defluxing agent for spray-in-air cleaning processes

VIGON® N 680 is a water-based, pH neutral MPC® cleaning agent specifically developed for the use in spray-in-air inline and batch equipment. VIGON® N 680 removes a broad range of electronic assembly flux residues with an exceptional ability to penetrate and clean under low standoff components. Additionally, the cleaning agent provides excellent material compatibility, particularly with sensitive metals such as Copper. 

Advantages compared to other PCB cleaners:

  • Exceptional cleaning performance, specifically targeting low standoff component cleanliness.
  • Easily rinsed yielding a wide process window.
  • Excellent material compatibility with sensitive materials including copper and aluminum due to its pH neutral formulation.
  • Performs well at low application concentrations in specific processes.
  • Eco-friendly formulation eliminates the need for waste water neutralization


  • PCB defluxing
  • for low standoff components
  • pH-neutral


  • Flux residues