Power Electronics Cleaning


Water-based, pH-neutral defluxing agent for Power Electronics

VIGON® PE 215N is pH-neutral cleaning agent specifically developed for the use in spray-in-air equipment. Based on the MPC®-Technology, the cleaning agent reliably removes flux residues from power electronics parts and is especially suitable for the cleaning of power modules, e.g. after die attach and heatsink soldering. 

Advantages compared to other power electronics cleaners:

  • Excellent defluxing performance for Power Electronics / Power Modules.
  • Provides stain-free, activated copper surfaces for subsequent wire bonding, moulding or adhesive bonding.
  • Formulated for effective rinsing, prevents reoxidation of Cu surfaces.
  • Retains activated copper surfaces over an extended period of time .
  • pH-neutral, therefore excellent material compatibility, specifically with dies, leaving the passivation intact.
  • No flash point and no foaming, thus applicable in all spray-in-air equipment without explosion proof.



  • Flux residues