Power Electronics Cleaning


pH-neutral defluxing agent for power modules

VIGON® PM 105 is a water-based, pH-neutral power module cleaner specifically designed for the use in Inline equipment. Based on the MPC-Technology, VIGON® PM 105 reliably removes flux residues after die attach or heat sinks soldering on Power Modules, discrete devices, etc.The cleaning agent ensures optimal surface cleanliness for subsequent wire bonding, coating or moulding processes.

Advantages compared to other power module cleaners:

  • Provides stainless, activated copper surfaces for subsequent wire bonding and moulding processes
  • Retains activated surfaces over a temporary storage time
  • pH-neutral, therefore excellent material compatibility, specifically with dies, no attack of the passivation
  • Due to its MPC- formulation, VIGON® PM 105 can be effectively rinsed
  • Has no flash point, does not foam and thus can be applied in all spray-in-air equipment without explosion proof
  • Formulated free of halogenated compounds and has a low odor

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