Stencil Cleaning


Stencil cleaner for the removal of solder pastes and SMT adhesives

VIGON® SC 200 is a water-based stencil cleaner designed to clean SMT stencils at room temperature. The stencil cleaner reliably removes solder pastes and SMT adhesives in one single process and can also be used for stencil underside wiping in printers.

Advantages compared to other stencil cleaners:

  • High bath loading capability, very good filterability and therefore a long bath life as well as low maintenance costs
  • Recommended for ambient cleaning temperatures
  • Water-based cleaner without flash point, no explosion-proof protection required
  • Due to its mild formula, the cleaner shows excellent material compatibility with stencils
  • Applicable in closed-loop systems
  • No foaming when used in spray-in-air systems
  • Low odor, no building of organics in the rinsing section



  • Solder paste
  • SMT adhesives
  • Flux residues

Available process optimization products: