Stencil Cleaning


For the removal of solder pastes, SMT adhesives and fluxes

VIGON® SC 202 is a water-based cleaning agent to remove solder pastes and SMT adhesives from stencils. Based on the MPC® Technology, this medium has also been developed to clean double-sided misprints, with one side already soldered. The cleaning agent is recommended to be used in spray-in-air and ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Advantages compared to other stencil cleaners:

  • Specifically developed for the removal of fluxes from double-sided misprinted boards with one side already soldered
  • High bath loading capability, excellent filterability and therefore a long bath life as well as reduced cleaning costs
  • This water-based cleaner is surfactant-free and can easily be rinsed without leaving any residues
  • Has no flash point and can be used without explosion-proof protection
  • The cleaner can be used in spray-in-air systems and ultrasonic dip tanks
  • No foaming when used in spray-in-air systems, low odor



  • Solder pastes
  • SMT adhesives
  • Flux residues




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