Stencil Cleaning


Cleaner for the removal of solder pastes and SMT adhesives

VIGON® SC 210 is a water-based cleaner specifically developed to clean SMT stencils. The cleaning agent reliably removes solder pastes and SMT adhesives in a single process and provides optimum cleaning results even at low temperatures starting from 18°C/64°F. VIGON® SC 210 is designed to be used in spray-in-air and ultrasonic cleaning systems. 

Advantages compared to other stencil cleaners:

  • Shows constantly good cleaning results at temperatures between 18-40°C/64-104°F
  • Water-based, surfactant-free cleaner, which leaves no residues on substrates or inside the equipment
  • Shows excellent material compatibility
  • Has no flash point and thus can be applied without explosion-proof protection
  • VOC value significantly below 20%, therefore easy to comply with local regulations on VOC emmissions
  • Non-foaming, low odor, no buildup of organics in the rinsing section



  • Solder pastes
  • SMT adhesives
  • Flux residues


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