Stencil Cleaning


Stencil underside cleaner with high wetting ability for underside wiping in printers

VIGON® UC 160 is a water-based cleaner specifically designed to remove solder paste from stencils in SMT printers. The cleaner has an excellent wetting ability, which leads to an improved cleaning performance and thereby reduces smearing on the stencil underside significantly. This in turn prevents solder paste bridging on boards and ensures good and reliable printing results. 

Advantages compared to other stencil underside cleaners:

  • Effectively removes the latest lead-free & lead-based solder pastes from stencils in underside wiping even out of fine pitch apertures
  • The cleaner is specifically suitable for print after wait
  • Provides excellent wetting ability on stencils and therefore increased cleaning performance, which significantly reduces smearing on the stencil underside. Thus bridging of solder paste on the boards can be avoided
  • Good delineation stability further ensures reduced solder balling
  • High operational safety and ideal replacement for Isopropanol due to excellent health and safety characteristics, no flash point, low VOC levels
  • VIGON® UC 160 has low odor

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