Process Control

Zestron Demister

Recovery of cleaning agent concentrate from the exhaust system of the cleaning machine

Aqueous based inline cleaning machines are widely used within high-volume electronics manufacturing processes in order to remove flux residues. Typically, these systems are spray in air machines operating at mid/high pressure from 2-6 bars. Given these pressure conditions, wash solution nebulises and escapes the cleaning equipment through the required exhaust system. However, this exhaust stream includes water vapor as well as valuable cleaning agent. 

The ZESTRON® Demister is engineered to recover exhaust aerosols from the exhaust system, thereby, enabling the partial recovery of cleaning agent concentrate.

Key benefits of the ZESTRON Demister:

  • Partial recovery of cleaning agent concentrate - Reduces overall cleaning process cost
  • Passive system - no additional operating costs
  • Lightweight material construction for ease of installation within the existing ductwork
  • Easy to maintain

Integrated ZESTRON Demister:


  • Interial Vane Technology