Power Electronics Cleaning


Solvent-based dewaxing product for lenses, PCBs and power electronics

ZESTRON® DW is a solvent-based cleaning agent designed to remove wax residues from lenses, electronic assemblies, ceramic hybrids, power modules, and leadframes.

Advantages compared to other cleaners:

  • ZESTRON® DW shows good hydrophobic solvency power similar to aromatic (i.e. toluene) and halogenated (i.e. methylene dichloride) solvents
  • Completely distillable. Suitable for one chamber vapor degreasing processes with vacuum distillation and a vapor rinsing step
  • Surfactant-free and dries residue-free
  • Excellent for water-free applications, especially when rinsing with water is not an option. However, rinsing with water is also possible
  • Due to its very low surface tension, ZESTRON® DW works exceptionally well for cleaning capillary spaces, i.e. underneath low stand-off components

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