Process Control


Online real-time Concentration Measurement and Closed-loop Dosage Control

ZESTRON® EYE CM is engineered as a full scale Concentration Management or short CM system. As such the unit provides both precise real-time concentration measurement of the cleaning stage based on ZESTRON® EYE's 3P-Technology, as well as closed-loop dosage of cleaning agent concentrate or DI-water. 

This way the media concentration is constantly monitored and kept at the defined concentration level which assures continuous good cleaning results. 

Designed as a stand-alone module, this system can be easily integrated within the production lines and connected to newly implemented or existing cleaning processes independently of the machine type and manufacturer.

Product advantages of the ZESTRON® EYE CM:

  • An all-in-one solution for concentration management. The unit automatically performs the precise measurement and monitoring of the cleaner concentration and provides the dosing of the concentrate / Di-water. Therefore consistent cleaning performances due to a stable cleaner concentration are guaranteed
  • Time and cost savings. No manual measurement or dosage by the operator required as the system runs fully-automated
  • Traceability of the cleaning results (e.g. for audits) due to automatic data reading and recording

Alternative Products


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  • Automated real-time concentration measurement and monitoring



  • 3P-Technology