2019 Seminarios via Web

SMT, THT, y Paquetes Electrónicos Oportunidad de aprendizaje

ZESTRON Academy se complace en invitar a los operadores de producción, gerentes e ingenieros de procesos a participar en nuestra Serie de Seminarios Web de Limpieza GRATIS 2018. Todos los webinars comienzan a la 11:00 AM EDT, con una presentación de 45 minutos y 15 minutos P & R. Si hay un tema de limpieza específico que le interesa, visite nuestra página personalizada de entrenamiento.

Should You Clean PCBs? - March 21st

Removing impurities from a printed circuit board’s surface and underneath its components is critically important to ensuring the reliability of electronic assemblies. This ZESTRON Academy webinar provides insight into potential sources of board failure such as electrochemical migration, leakage currents, and white residues then explores the methods and benefits of fully cleaning PCBs.

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DI-Water vs Chemistry - April 25th 

Increased component densities, reduced component sizes, lower standoff heights and a multitude of packaging configurations combine to limit the effectiveness of cleaning electronic assemblies with DI-water.  This ZESTRON Academy webinar addresses cleaning agent and process alternatives to pure DI-water that result in optimal cleanliness levels and guarantee that assemblies will perform as designed.

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Cleaning with pH Neutral Chemistry - Background, Applications, and Benefits - May 23rd

The greater use of lead-free solder paste and the required higher reflow profiles have resulted in more difficult to remove burnt-in flux residues. Coupled with increases in component density, larger component packages, higher lead counts, finer lead spacing, and lower standoff distances, effective cleaning is greatly challenged. Newly developed pH neutral formulations have proven to be capable not only of removing these difficult post-reflow residues from complex board geometries, but do so without affecting material compatibility of sensitive components. Additionally, they perform at low concentration levels. This ZESTRON Academy webinar provides an overview of pH neutral cleaning agent development as well as reviews the performance of pH neutral cleaning agents demonstrating their effectiveness with regard to material compatibility and cleaning performance.

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Jet Printing Solder Paste and Cleaning Challenges - June 27th

Recent evidence has shown that it is becoming extremely challenging to consistently deliver the correct amount of solder using the screen printing process. Manufacturers in today’s production environment are overcoming this challenge by incorporating jet printing as an additional add-on step to add extra solder paste volume to solve such challenges. Typically, jet printing pastes use Type 5 and 6 solder powder compared to Type 3 and 4 usually seen in screen printing processes. As cleaning remains critical to ensure long term reliability, jet printed solder pastes have proven to be more difficult to clean as compared to screen printed pastes. This ZESTRON Academy webinar addresses reasons for the increased cleaning challenge with comparative cleaning trial data and customer case study reviews.

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Defluxing Advanced Packages - July 25th

To increase power module yield and reliability, many in the electronics industry are developing new power packaging products. There is particular interest in targeting common failure locations, die and substrate attach, interconnection, and encapsulation. The resulting increase in packaging density and introduction of new materials makes it more challenging than ever to meet performance requirements.  Through a series of case studies, this ZESTRON Academy webinar provides a look at factors to consider when selecting cleaning agents and optimizing cleaning processes to ensure material compatibility and maximum reliability.

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Surface Cleanliness Assessment - August 29th

How clean is clean? When manufacturing electronic assemblies, impurities left on a board’s surface or underneath components may lead to field failures. This ZESTRON Academy webinar provides an overview of the tools and methods available to properly assess the cleanliness of assemblies after the cleaning process.

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Cleaning Before Conformal Coating - September 26th

Do you conformally coat your electronic assemblies? If so, cleaning prior to conformal coating is a must to ensure that your products perform as expected over the long-term. This ZESTRON Academy webinar examines how coating over residues can result in product failures and offers cleaning process recommendations to prevent it from happening.

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Multiple Thermal Cycle - October 24th

Multiple thermal cycles may be required for a variety of reasons in the production of printed circuit boards. If the PCB includes Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT), the board will be processed through both a reflow oven and a wave solder system. With more complex PCB designs that may use stacked components or double-sided circuitry, multiple reflows will be required. This ZESTRON Academy webinar looks at the impact of multiple thermal cycles on the effectiveness of the PCB cleaning process.

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Todas las sesiones incluyen:


  • Presentación de 45 minutos
  • Sesión de preguntas y respuestas de 15 minutos
  • Acceso a la biblioteca en línea de webinars grabados

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