ZESTRON - La société & les prestations de service

Approfondissez votre connaissance de ZESTRON et de son offre très large de prestations de service (analyses et essais de nettoyage).

Reliability is our driver – in every aspect of our work

ZESTRON is your partner, when highest reliability for your boards is required – We work alongside our customers with process optimization, risk avoidance, right through to damage analysis as a consultant.  Our process engineers test your assemblies, semiconductors or power electronics modules under production conditions in the cleaning equipment of leading manufacturers and identify the best combination of machine, cleaning chemistry, process monitoring and cleanliness analysis.

President Harald Wack about ZESTRON, your partner for precision cleaning in the electronic industry

"We want to be your resource to solve your most challenging cleaning problems with you." Dr. Harald Wack, president of ZESTRON, gives his insights into the industry, history and goals of the company.

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ZESTRON - L'entreprise et ses innovations techniques

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